Service Design MA/MSc module

As part of developing an interdisciplinary design thinking course, I was asked to develop an applied Service Design module, that could be taken by masters level students, and give them an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning on real world […]

Pontio Shop


A project to develop a community focussed shop, to represent Pontio arts and innovation centre in Bangor, Wales

Enterprise by Design

Bangor University

Enterprise by Design is a project run by Bangor University, bringing together teams of undergraduate students in mixed discipline teams to develop a product or service for a client. Over the years, we have pitched for outdoors festivals, camping equipment […]

Tŷ Gwydr / Greenhouse Business Development

Working as a consultant, with Chris Walker of People Systems International, to develop a new business opportunity for Tŷ Gwydr / Greenhouse, a hot desking and environmental social enterprise based in North Wales. We ran weekly workshops with business and consumer psychology students […]

Bangor 360 Student Portal

Conducting research into design and useability of Bangor student portal. Major challenges faced were multilingualism, handling wide range of information and data accessibility. It was also important that content be tailored to suit each student based on course information, personal […]

Day Meetings and Weddings

Bangor University had licensed premises for performing civil marriage ceremonies, as well as wanting to develop day meeting facilities for external companies. The project entailed developing a marketing strategy, business links with suppliers and developing a system of contact for clients. Creating […]